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Fat Chance: Life As A Size 16 Actress

I am a size 16. 

The size that flies off the shelves in my local New Look. 

The size of most of my female friends. 

The average size of women in the UK. 

In life I feel quite confident – I wear bikinis on holiday, got married at this size and generally live my

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There Is Life AFTER Drama School.

Here I am sitting to write a blog for actors whilst reading a script for an audition on a train to London. Who the bloody hell do I think I am?!

Sometimes, I’m Barbara Streisand (cue the opening of ‘Don’t Rain on my god damn Parade’) and other times, I’m at

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Keeping my anxiety hidden makes it worse – so let’s talk…

My first ever acting job was a nappy commercial (thankfully, at 14 months, I was #nappybodyready). From then on, my career flourished with other commercials, TV jobs, and film roles steadily coming in over the next ten years or so. Words cannot explain how jealous adult Carli is of child

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To Holiday or Not To Holiday? The Actor’s Dilemma

There’s a tiresome list of things people tell you when you decide to work in the freelance or artistic world. The top three generally are:

‘The pay is shit’- Your parents.
‘How do expect to get on the housing ladder?’- Your grandparents.
‘It’s not a real job’- your racist Uncle

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“My body and mind had finally given up” – What I Learned From Depression

I remember the day vividly. I walked slowly out onto the blistering noise of Uxbridge Road, dragged myself step by step through Hammersmith and into what I subconsciously expected to be my final day as a LAMDA student.

I was 21 years old, 2 weeks into rehearsals to play

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