Got a product, service or even a show you want to promote? You may have come to the right place…


Honest Actors is trusted by its audience.

That’s not something I’m willing to risk damaging, so I won’t agree to advertise just anything. If I feel your product or service exploits actors in any way, it won’t get anywhere near my audience. So if you’re being advertised via any of the Honest Actors channels, you can be sure you’re in good company.

Honest Actors is popular among the people you want to reach.

The Honest Actors Podcast & Blog has a sizeable following: in addition to the 3,000 plus who listen to every single episode, there are over 5500 followers on Twitter, over 1000 page likes on Facebook, and a highly engaged mailing list of over 3300. Sure, the numbers aren’t huge, but if you’re here, you already know how valuable reaching this audience could be for your business.

The Honest Actors’ audience demographic is extremely focussed.

Taking the listeners of the podcast as an example, 83.5% are based in the United Kingdom, with virtually half (49%) in London. And I think it’s safe to say that they are mostly involved in the industry in some way.

This is a highly engaged group of people.

Emails sent to the mailing list are opened on average 37.9% of the time (compared to an industry average of just 21.9%). Even better, 5.7% of subscribers click on each email; that’s almost three times the industry average (2.1%).

When series 1 ended, #savehonestactors trended in London for 12 hours… on the same day as the Oscar winners and Olivier Award nominations were announced. Long after #OlivierAwards had disappeared from the list, followers of @honestactors were still tweeting their support for saving the podcast and evidencing the strong emotional connection the project has fostered. Tweet Binder estimates the hashtag reach in that first 24hrs as over 3.5 million.

There is only one Honest Actors

A recent online survey of over 400 listeners found that 74% of the Honest Actors’ audience do not regularly listen to any other acting or industry-related podcasts. Honest Actors isn’t just a great advertising opportunity, it may be the only one.

All this isn’t going unnoticed.

The project has been backed by Equity, nominated for two UK Blog Awards (winning one), featured in The Stage and the Evening Standard , was a Top 40 Podcast of 2016 in The i and a Podcast of the Week in Metro, is being recommended to acting students at RADA and LAMDA, and also to visitors to the new ArtsMinds website. The impact and the audience is growing all the time.


The podcast already has a sponsor in Broadway and West End ticketing app TodayTix, but there are a number of advertising options to suit all needs, from sponsored tweets to linked banners in emails and blog articles. Oh, and I’m also on the look out for short and long-term sponsors for the award-winning blog.

If you’d like to discuss advertising options further, please email me.


Jonathan Harden

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Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.