Okay, so firstly I should admit that this is probably the most self-indulgent edit so far. I’ve left in a second-hand story I told about Judi Dench and a question from my mum, but I think both carry their weight in what is also one of my favourite episodes to date…

When I made my ‘Hit List’ for series 2, Amanda was very near the top, but unlike previous interviewees, I had no direct connection. I have worked with over half of those whose interviews I have released so far, and the remainder – with the exception of one – I was able to approach with the benefit of a mutual contact to drop into the text of the email. When I approached Amanda however, through her agent, the only connection I could claim was the fact that she followed @honestactors on Twitter. We share a credit, on a film in which we shared no screen time, and in which I had only one scene (in French) – the kind of thing actors at home call “a cough and a spit” – and consequently which I figured  mentioning might not illicit the desired response. Thankfully though, the eventual reply to my approach was a positive one. And now I’m delighted to be sharing the edited interview with you as episode six of Series 2.

Outside of editing this latest episode, it’s been a busy weekend for me, as on Saturday we filmed the first Emerging Actors Roundtable in association with Spotlight. After a long week of Skype interviews with a shortlist of 23 candidates – from 123 applicants – I met the final seven panellists for the first time a few hours ahead of filming. When we took our seats, the discussion lasted almost an hour and a half and touched on some really interesting topics, from the value of training to the importance of diversity, from current concerns to long-term career expectations. You can look forward to meeting the panel and seeing episode 1 on the Spotlight YouTube channel in the not-too-distant future…


For now though, here’s episode 6…

Thanks for listening.

J. x

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Amanda Abbington

Recorded at Equity on 25th August 2016. Running Time – 46:06.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2015-2018. Music by Deci Gallen.

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