Entries for The Series 2 Giveaway closed on Thursday at 6pm, and very soon after that, one lucky actor found out that they were the winner of over £500 of great prizes.

And the winner is: Lois Meleri-Jones. Here’s what she had to say:

“I actually found out through my friend congratulating me on Facebook, he wrote “Congrats mate!” on my wall and I replied with “For what. I’m intrigued”. Literally had no clue what he was talking about. I did not expect to win it. Let’s just say I haven’t been very ‘lucky’ recently so this strike of luck was timely and needed. It doesn’t matter how much you have worked in the past, if you aren’t working at present or worse, not even auditioning, you inevitably feel very low, and that has been me for a while now, so this is very uplifting. I actually have been saving up for new headshots as mine are nearly 3 years old (ssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone!). So with my new headshots and brightened spirits, I will set out to create more opportunities for myself. Sending emails that will probably fall on deaf years, but you never know, one might be ‘lucky’.”

Thanks to everybody who entered; there were over 1,500 of you by the time I closed it. The good news? Series 2 is here to improve your mood. The response to the first three eps – already available to listen to free – has been amazing. Have a listen when you get a chance.

Thanks once again to Spotlight, The Stage, Ori Jones Photography and the glorious podcast sponsor TodayTix, for donating all the prizes.

Same time next year?

P.S. Apologies to Lois for mangling the pronunciation of her beautiful Welsh name on the audio announcement. For those of you who would prefer to avoid making the same mistake, it’s pronounced like voice but with an L (so Loice) and then the Meleri is like Mel-airy. Sorry Lois!

Jonathan Harden

Actor. VO. Director.

Former barman, waiter, cook, labourer, ‘tugger’, security guard, dish washer, removals man, bouncer, office manager, Wendy’s ‘Crew Member’, Costa ‘barista’, snooker table maintenance guy, shop assistant, usher, boom op, golf buggy driver, and one-time pretend bank robber.

Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.