I’d been trying to set up a date with Arsher for months, but him living in Nottingham rather complicated things… until last week that is. And I was so excited to at last have made it happen, that he has somehow jumped the queue to find himself the fastest interview-to-episode turnaround in Honest Actors history.

And it was worth the wait. Arsher, it turns out, possesses a unique perspective on acting, and always has. His “there’s no seriousness attached” attitude isn’t half as refreshing as his suggested response to the ‘in anything at the minute?” thing. I’ll let you enjoy that direct from him. For me though, the most rewarding aspect of our chat was that I got to discuss in detail some of the topics that I think have been conspicuous by their absence from many of the interviews to date. Arsher candidly discusses the good and bad of being an Asian actor, from getting his first agent, to his most recent – and longest – spell out of work. My ‘best bit’? Hearing Arsher talk about his reasons for not just accepting any role offered, and the politics of not playing terrorists…

Meanwhile here at HA HQ, work continues on the Emerging Actors Roundtable. The guys at Spotlight are working their editing magic and all being well, the first ep should be ready within a matter of weeks. And I’m hoping to have some good news about the return of the blog very soon too.

For now though, here’s episode 7…

Thanks for listening.


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Arsher Ali

Recorded at Spotlight on 16th November 2016. Running Time – 35:04.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2015-2018. Music by Deci Gallen.

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