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Dear Casting Directors: Don’t Leave Us Hanging

So you’ve got a meeting. For a telly.
And it’s going pretty well.

You’ve worked with the director before and you share an anecdote that makes the producer and the casting director wet themselves.

And they laugh when you talk about the dog.

And the lines come easily, and the scene feels good.

And when the director asks you to be more front foot and faster, you are more front foot and faster. And the director nods at you and winks, like, that was what I wanted.

And they smile and nod when you get up to leave.

And the casting director squeezes your hand and whispers ‘Fantastic as ever’ as you leave.

So you go home buzzing a bit.

And you give up your seat to an older man on the tube and people smile at you. Nice guy.

So you ring your agent.

Trevor Cooper

Actor for 36 years and counting. Also a Voice-Over Artist, Singer, Assistant Choreographer and *genuine* Ballet Mistress, Drama Coach, Acting Teacher, Stage-Fighter (2nd attempt), Designated Driver, Ex-Husband, Security Guard, Minicab Driver, Friend, Son, Brother, Lover …and Good Company Member.

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Actors (16-25), seeking Actors (26+)

I was five. My parents were entertaining friends and I had gone to bed hours before. Unable to sleep, I crept out of my bed and into the living room, where my audience were enjoying themselves over glasses of wine and After Eights. Without a word, I reached for the best song in my repertoire, popped it in the CD player, made my way to the stage (the rug in front of the fireplace) and gave the people what they wanted…. A heartfelt rendition of Whitney’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, sung into the audio remote control with eyes closed for extra emphasis. I think that was probably the moment my parents and I knew I was going to become an actor…

Amy Blair

Northern Irish born and bred. Drama Teacher, FOH Usher and Actor*.


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Playing Human: “I’m (not) here to make friends”

I recently had one of those ridiculous experiences all actors have at some point in their careers. I spent an hour showering, styling my hair, putting in my contacts, doing my make-up, then spent forty-five minutes on the subway and finally arrived in a tiny downtown waiting room, surrounded by ten other women who look vaguely like me, getting ready to spend two minutes in an even tinier room with a camera and one other human to say six words:
“Please, you have to do something!”

Lynne Rosenberg

Lynne has been and/or currently is a personal assistant, wildlife interpreter, paralegal, bookkeeper, crowd control operator, restaurant manual typist, educational outreach coordinator, yoga teacher, child wrangler, personal assistant, SCUBA diver, transcriptionist, Excel tutor, and standandlookpretty-er.

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The Naked Truth: industry failings on nudity laid bare

Every actress I know has had a nudity nightmare. Whether it be a conversation with a director or filming the scene itself. And for the purpose of this particular blog, I’m referring to women being asked to be nude. However, I am sure this is a universal issue.

Amy Morgan

Optimistic actor from South Wales who can always find you a bar open after 1am but who cannot ride a bike (Long story). Also a dab hand in serving overpriced cocktails, flyering for comedy clubs and working in niche museums.

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