“My body and mind had finally given up” – What I Learned From Depression

I remember the day vividly. I walked slowly out onto the blistering noise of Uxbridge Road, dragged myself step by step through Hammersmith and into what I subconsciously expected to be my final day as a LAMDA student.

I was 21 years old, 2 weeks into rehearsals to play Macbeth in a final year

Daniel Crespin
Daniel Crespin. 24 year old actor, writer and musician. Recent LAMDA Graduate. Represented by Nancy Hudson Associates.

“This is a blog I wrote in 2016. Nobody has seen it but me”

Hello! This is a blog/article I wrote in 2016. Nobody has seen it but me. Whilst re-reading it today I thought that it might be useful/helpful to somebody out there who may be experiencing a similar situation. With that in mind, I thought I’d like to share it with the ‘Honest Actors’ blog readers 🙂

Lorna Quinn
Lorna Quinn. Actor. VO. Speech & Drama Teacher. Tentative(!) writer. Great appreciator of this site, blog and podcast.

Six Years of Work, One Line on the CV

I meditate on my resume far more than is probably recommended when one hopes to retain some semblance of sanity. I blame the fact that for as long as I’ve been old enough to comprehend what it means to have a resume as a performer, I have dreamed of amassing so many credits across that

Christine Caccipuoti
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Advice to a Teenage Actor, from John Cleese.

1997. At my local theatre, the same one where my youth theatre does it’s shows, there is to be a charity screening of the Life of Brian and a Q&A afterwards with John Cleese. My dad had secured tickets for him and myself, excellent. So we went along and watched the film, laughter ensued, then

Patch Harris
Actor, guitarist, writer. My favoured acting prop is the side parted haircut. Has worked in Box Offices all over the West End, so honestly has probably met you all at least once.
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Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor. Am I?

Olivia Colman is an actor. Idris Elba is an actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is most definitely an actor, if not the most actor of all the actors. These people all undoubtedly return home at Christmas and say ‘Actor’ when asked what they do by long-unseen neighbours at their parents’ Christmas party.

Not I. When asked what I do, I say ‘Well I’m a freelance writer and, I guess, sometimes I do a bit of acting. I act sometimes. I might be an actor. I’m not sure’.


‘How important is luck in an acting career?’

I’ve been asking this question in the podcast from the start. So I figured it was time we got a definitive answer. Not from me, obviously. Over resident ‘acting cheerleader’, Anthony English…

Luck, fate, kismet. It has a variety of names and everyone of them it can be an absolute bastard. It is a precarious, treacherous

Anthony English
Actor turned PhD (Moral & Political Psychology). NEET to undergraduate tutor. Feckless youth to funded researcher.
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Becoming a mum straight after graduating from drama school

I loved drama school. I was a ‘mature’ student you see, and even though there were things I didn’t like about drama school, I found my bliss there after years of trying to find fulfilment in other careers. So, when the head of my course asked me what I really wanted in the future, the words that came out of my mouth shocked me, “a family” I said, “and to earn my living as an actor”. I got my wish, but the reality feels very different to the dream.

A.N. Actor
Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.
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Notes from an expectant actress/mother

There’s a thing about being an actress that initially affects women more than men. While the men are affected in the long term, generally, they don’t stop working at any point in the lead up.

Having a baby.

Angela Peters
Aussie actress with TV credits who hasn't done anything quite as noteworthy since leaving those pretty shores, but is occasionally seen grasping a Heinz ketchup bottle to the delight of her non-actor friends. Used to ride horses, sometimes tries to ski badly, always rock climbing. Frequently spotted writing for BABE and Casting Networks and occasionally for The Stage and other places...pretty much anywhere she can throw her opinion around.
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[UPDATED] Disability: Jayne’s Turning Point

UPDATE 26/03/2016: Neurosurgeons have suggested Jayne have a neuro stimulator inserted in her occipital nerve, which if successful will reduce the head pain.

Jayne Dickinson
Lover of all things creative. Write to play xxx
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[UPDATED] Disability: Nick’s Turning Point

UPDATE 26/03/2016: Neurosurgeons have suggested Jayne have a neuro stimulator inserted in her occipital nerve, which if successful will reduce the head pain.

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