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Not Getting In To Drama School: £400 well spent

“We think you should look in to pursuing a career as a puppet therapist”.
My response was a snigger, I had just spent the last 15 minutes telling my secondary school careers advisor how acting was everything I had ever wanted to do and she tells me that puppet therapy would be a more sensible career path. I knew that getting in to acting would be hard, I’ve always known that- I’ve always been prepared for that. I’ve always known who I was and who I wanted to be. I was the girl who got the top grades, the best parts; I work bloody hard- I deserve to do well! But now? After too many unsuccessful drama school auditions I’m beginning to doubt myself.

Gemma Steele

Gemma is an ‘actor’ who hasn’t been in a single TV show, film or professional theatre production but she does make a mean Chicken Korma. Her blog – ‘Book Ends & Ticket Stubs’ – can be viewed via the link below.

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The Understudy: Being Kind of In Something

I was warned against being an understudy by a tutor at drama school. Apparently it’s a bad idea and it doesn’t look particularly good on your CV. But as I sat there, agentless, with a vast expanse of free time before me, it occurred to me that I’d been presented with a golden opportunity. Nine months work on a national tour, more importantly nine months pay – and how many new graduates can say they’ve entered the bottom tax bracket after their first year in the industry?

Larner Wallace-Taylor

Actor, Writer, Voice-Over. Also a tap dancer and touch typist. Never both at the same time (unless it’ll get me the job).

  • depression bullying arts #itaffectsme

Depression and Bullying in the Arts: #timetotalk


Being honest as a performer is foolhardy, and a rarity at best. I’d even go one further, and say it’s a path to career suicide. I’ve asked Jonathan to remain anonymous for that exact reason, but would nonetheless like to share my experience.

A.N. Actor

Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.

  • Actress Kitty Roe

Dear 2015 me: 2016 me can only do so much.

My name is Kitty, and I’m an actress.

There I said it.

Yes as we all know, admitting this information can open up the entire can of worms of questioning that we all hate. But there is also a great misunderstanding of what this actually means. Either it’s the dreaded, infamous ‘in anything I would have seen?’ question. But more often than not it’s the ‘An ACTRESS? Oh that’s so glamorous!’ remark.

Kitty Roe

Kitty is a master’s graduate from ArtsEd and has been out of training for a year and a half. She comes from the countryside (Norfolk) but has lived in east London for 5 years. She loves tea and cats. And hates celery.

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Acting Inspired: How To Start A Podcast

Like Jonathan, I have googled “how to podcast” and, also like Jonathan, I read and followed/ignored quite a bit of evangelical tech-preaching from super-high-energy Americans. As a consequence, I too have a podcast. I had to do something to fill the void after Serial…

Lewis Goody

Actor. Podcaster. Boat-dweller.

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  • Actors Mental Health #Itaffectsme

Tell The Truth About Mental Health: #Itaffectsme

Dear Fellow Actors, I wanted to tell the truth. And not the truth in a confessional, sit me in a box and say three hail Mary’s kind of way, although a Hail Mary from time to time does help I’ve found, but simply in a let’s talk about this because it’s important kind of way.

Laura Darrall

Selfie+post-it+donation+RT = #itaffectsme Let’s get people talking about #mentalillness Spread the word and donate to Mind!

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  • Fiery Hawk Worst Auditions

‘Fiery Hawk’: My 4 Worst Auditions… So Far.

The most damning response I’ve received for an audition was: “…acting’s hard, isn’t it?” Apparently I just didn’t cut the mustard for Cinderella in panto. In the 3 years since I graduated from drama school, I’ve experienced a plethora of embarrassing, hilarious, reaffirming and downright terrifying auditions. It is without a doubt my favourite thing to ask a new cast— what has been your worst audition? Actors with anecdotes, I love you with all my heart.

Ailsa Joy

Ailsa is an actor, writer, usher and tourguide, with a CV-enhancing ‘startled woodland animal’ look.

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  • acting with dyslexia by headshot thunter

Acting with Dyslexia

It wasn’t until I got to Drama School that I realised the irony of my career choice. I thought that doing something practical, ‘Acting’ would work to my strengths. Little did I know that being an Actor is about 70% reading and, of that, at least half is reading out loud in front of people, usually to try and persuade someone to give you a job. Words are not my strong point. In fact, they are something I actively avoided when growing up.

I’m dyslexic.

Why did I become an actor again?

Philip Duguid-McQuillan

Philip is or has been an actor, dyslexic, Bradfordian, awkward door opener, co-op agency member, waiter, DVD collector, barman, restaurant table coordinator, ‘please take these’ flyer-er & dream weaver of headshot photographer comparison website www.headshothunter.co.uk.

  • Casting Directors

Dear Casting Directors: Don’t Leave Us Hanging

So you’ve got a meeting. For a telly.
And it’s going pretty well.

You’ve worked with the director before and you share an anecdote that makes the producer and the casting director wet themselves.

And they laugh when you talk about the dog.

And the lines come easily, and the scene feels good.

And when the director asks you to be more front foot and faster, you are more front foot and faster. And the director nods at you and winks, like, that was what I wanted.

And they smile and nod when you get up to leave.

And the casting director squeezes your hand and whispers ‘Fantastic as ever’ as you leave.

So you go home buzzing a bit.

And you give up your seat to an older man on the tube and people smile at you. Nice guy.

So you ring your agent.

Trevor Cooper

Actor for 36 years and counting. Also a Voice-Over Artist, Singer, Assistant Choreographer and *genuine* Ballet Mistress, Drama Coach, Acting Teacher, Stage-Fighter (2nd attempt), Designated Driver, Ex-Husband, Security Guard, Minicab Driver, Friend, Son, Brother, Lover …and Good Company Member.

  • Actor Tax

Merry F*cking T*xmas! I think I’m Going To Jail

19th December 2014

Dear Ms Elin-Salt,

Thank you for your recent expenses. I have done some calculations and your tax bill for the year 2013 – 2014 will be £**** (insert terrifying and ridiculous figure here) for the first instalment in January and a further £**** (ditto) for the second in July.

Despite this, have a very merry Christmas.

Katie Elin-Salt

Katie is an actor, singer and musician from Bridgend in South Wales now living in London. She has done some nice bits of work in all these things over the last few years that she’s chuffed with.

Aside from this – most commonly known Princess Elsa on weekends, she has also starred as Peppa Pig and Supergirl in various children’s parties across the UK. You may also recognise Katie from working in the returns section of Ann Summers Cardiff at Christmas 2010. Series Regular of Judge Judy (Playing person watching it on the sofa whilst once again not in the gym)

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