2I Need Your Help!

So, I’m hoping the fact that you’re here means you’re interested in contributing to the podcast, the blog and/or helping the Honest Actors’ project get to as wide an audience as possible. Thank you. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Become a Supporter
  2. Donate from the Amazon Wishlist
  3. Buy Some Merchandise *COMING SOON*
  4. Subscribe in iTunes
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1) Become a Supporter

If you find any joy and value in the project, and would like others to share in that, please consider supporting it with a monthly donation of your choosing, from a cup of coffee to a travel card…

Too much? I don’t want you committing to anything you can’t afford. Maybe you can make a one-off contribution instead?

2) Donate from the Amazon Wishlist

If you don’t fancy subscribing, and want to offer physical resources, I’ve set up an Amazon Wishlist including everything from cables to mics. These are the big obstacles between the podcast and the reliability, flexibility and great audio quality that I aspire to.

3) Buy Stuff

The Honest Actors’ Shop is now open, selling an original range of opening night cards, pin badges and vinyl stickers. Click here to find out more…

4) Click Here To Subscribe To The Podcast On iTunes

This is the most important thing you can do to help me. Subscribing to the podcast shows me that you care about the content and that I’m on the right track.

5) Leave A Positive Review On iTunes

After subscribing, this is the next most important thing you can do. It shows other listeners that the content is worth paying attention to and also shows iTunes that this is a good podcast to suggest to others. If you’re having trouble doing this, there’s a quick explainer in the video on the Home page.

6) Click Here To Send A Tweet To Your Followers

Clicking the link above generates a pre-written tweet which you can then easily send out to your followers to let them know you have found us and think the podcast is worth listening to. We’d love you to  afterwards if you’re feeling really generous.

7) Write A Blog Post

First up, read this short set of guidelines and then, if you’re interested, send me an idea or a post.