The hostage situation is over. The ransom has been paid. It’s time to release Denise…

I completed the London Marathon (evidence below), hit the fundraising target and now I have to keep my promise and ‘release’ Denise.

I recorded this interview back in October of last year at Spotlight, just over a year after Denise and I had the chat which would become episode 1 of this podcast. It’s the first time I’ve gone back and done a second interview with the same actor, and as such, it makes for a different experience. In an attempt to foster a connection to previous releases, I tried as much as possible to reflect back on things said in the initial interview and see what has changed for Denise in that time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who donated to and supported my marathon journey. The time, for those who care, was 3hrs 27 minutes, and in spite of a few people telling me I’d feel differently once I’d fully recovered, I’m happy to hang up my nipple plasters and cease preventative use of imodium. In other words, you’ll never again have  a chance to donate to charity as a result of me running 26.2 miles. So, to take advantage of this final opportunity and donate to my campiagn to raise funds fot the Actors Children’s Turst, go to

Go on. Do it now. We’ll wait here.

And now, to say one final thank you, here’s Olivier Award Winner, Denise Gough.

See y’all in the autumn. Have a great summer…

J x

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Denise Gough

Recorded at Spotlight on 6th October 2016. Running Time – 46:39.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2015-2018. Music by Deci Gallen.

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