Episode 11’s hero/ heroine is actor/ actress (blame Denise Gough for confusing me on this again) Eleanor Matsuura.

I probably had too much fun doing this one and I hope it doesn’t show in an annoying way. I also talked more than I ever have in one of these interviews. Not much of that made it through the edit, you’ll be delighted to hear, but it’s worth noting as I think it explains the character of what remains. Spending over an hour in the company of Eleanor, having never met before, felt like spending five minutes with someone I’ve known all my life. 

Most notably this is the episode in which Ellie will introduce the world the ‘The Woo Woo’ and a special actor’s version of Fatalism that doesn’t preclude resorting to lucky pants. It’s also the one where I shamelessly try to reintroduce the concept of the ‘actorgasm’.


Before I leave you to discover the joy of ‘The Woo’ without further distraction from me, I have two little bits of news:

  1. The Honest Actors Blog has been shortlisted in two categories of the UK Blog Awards, so thank you to everyone who voted. February is the month to get behind the blog by reading and sharing content and by telling your followers on social media how much you love the site. The UK Blog Awards judges are watching, so using the #UKBA16 hashtag wouldn’t hurt either! And if you have any media contacts that you think might be interested is covering the story, the press release can be downloaded here.
  2. Myself and the wonderful Ellie Matsuura will be leading a short seminar at Surviving Actors in London this weekend (Sat 6th February). For more info and to book your place, click here.

Thanks for reading. Speak soon…

Eleanor Matsuura

Recorded at the National Theatre on 09.12.15. Running Time – 38:02.

Most proud of: The original production and West End transfer of EnronBull by Mike Bartlett.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2016. Music by Deci Gallen.

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