Episode 4! This latest instalment again feels very different to what has gone before. By his own admissions, Matthew Flynn doesn’t normally wear his heart on his sleeve, but in this interview, he talks candidly about the financial and emotional pressures of being a parent who relies on acting to feed and clothe his kids, and of his nightmarish experience of stage-fright. 

After tweeting that I had done a first edit running at 46 minutes, I got a number of replies suggesting that I shouldn’t cut any further, and even a couple suggesting I should post the long-form, unedited versions (in this case, almost an hour and a half). Well, while that sounds appealing to me – it would involve at lot less time staring at a computer screen for a start – there are several reason why I’ve chosen to edit each chat down to somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

Firstly, I like a podcast that you can listen to in its entirely in a single commute. For me, from Tooting to Spotlight, that’s about 40 minutes, and I reckon that’s about average. Also, I have a few favourite podcasts that feature long-form interviews and even as a fan, I find I tune out of them around the 30 minute mark. Unless, of course, they are really good. And that’s the second issue: I’m not a professional interviewer, and while I feel I’m steadily getting better, I can assure you that the edit saves you listening to a modicum of fumbling on my part, and the failure of the odd question to land in any meaningful sense with the interviewee.

There was also a ‘word association’ game that I was doing just before the final question, until Niamh Cusack told me it was a “load of bollocks”. It was. And but for her timely intervention a few days before the launch, you would still be listening to actors generously humouring my embarrassing attempts to be entertaining. Yes, I admit it, I have watched way too many 8 minute junket interviews with Hollywood celebs, mostly conducted by ‘zany’ presenters for teen magazine shows. This isn’t E4 and I’m not in my twenties any more.

Anyway, have a listen. Thanks for Matt for what was a very easy interview for me, as he’d listened to a few of the teasers, read a few of the blogs and given some thought to how he might answer. It also means that you hear my voice a lot less than the others. For those of you who are interested, this is the blog of mine that he mentions.

Technical Note: Because of how sparsely it was needed, I have killed the audio from my mic when I’m not speaking in an attempt to cut some of the room noise and echo. It’s not 100% satisfactory as the transition from on to off isn’t particularly smooth (in a less busy week I might have mixed things a bit better), but it is a marked improvement on Matt’s audio, which is, after all, the most important bit.

Matthew Flynn

Recorded at Equity on 03.06.15. Running Time – 37:24.

Most proud of: Macbeth (playing Macduff), Liverpool Everyman.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2015-2018. Music by Deci Gallen.

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