So, after carefully reading through every single response to the survey, and having searched the length and breadth of the internet for the right supplier, I’m happy to be announcing the first Honest Actors’ merchandise.

Why merchandise?

Well, quite simply, the merchandise is a way of fundraising without asking for cash donations. This way, people get something for their money. I want to bring the podcast back, and grow things too, but I need an injection of funds before I can start to put my plans into action.

I researched different solutions, and in the end have decided to look after orders and dispatch them myself. Anything else meant the majority of the cash went to the company doing the selling and that defeats the purpose of the whole exercise. I’m hoping the extra effort required on my part will be justified by the results, but to start off I have placed a small stock order for some low-cost items: cards, pin badges and vinyl stickers. This is partly because I can’t afford to invest in or take the risk of more costly items, and partly because I figure selling things that cost a few quid or less is a good way to start.

So, today I ordered 100 badges, 100 cards and 100 stickers. They won’t be here for a week or so, hence the lack of product imagery, but if you’re happy to purchase on the basis of the designs and order before Friday 6th May, there’s 20% off everything.

Click here to visit the shop and get 20% off.

I’ll be back very shortly with more news of what’s next for the Honest Actors’ project. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the results of the UK Blog Awards on Friday night. Fingers crossed we can go all the way.

Thanks for your continued support,

J. x


Jonathan Harden

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Former barman, waiter, cook, labourer, ‘tugger’, security guard, dish washer, removals man, bouncer, office manager, Wendy’s ‘Crew Member’, Costa ‘barista’, snooker table maintenance guy, shop assistant, usher, boom op, golf buggy driver, and one-time pretend bank robber.

Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.