Want to increase your chances of winning the FREE Spotlight Membership by 7800%? Read on…

With precisely 48hrs left to enter The Honest Actors Series 2 Giveaway and share your lucky link to get as many bonus entries as possible, I thought now was the perfect time to offer few wee bits of advice to help you have the best chance of getting some good news later this week.

If you haven’t entered yet, Click Here To Enter For Free. All you have to do is answer a simple question, put in your email address when prompted, and then confirm your entry in an email I send you (don’t forget to check your spam). Entries close on Thursday at 6pm.

Now that that’s out of the way, come close… it’s advice time:

  1. Make sure you have confirmed your entry. Duh. Check your junk mail for an email sent from ‘The Honest Actors Podcast’, then click the link. Don’t worry, they do get better.
  2. Share the Lucky Link more than you think. Doing it once is unlikely to make much difference. If you’re serious about winning this thing, you need to do it at least once a day. But make it worth your while…
  3. Be strategic. That means sharing your Lucky Link at different times each day and on different social media. It means tagging people you think might be interested. The more people you convert intro entrants, the more chance you have of winning.
  4. Be creative. Sharing the same old tweet will soon make it at best invisible and at worst, annoying to your followers. Mix it up, be amusing and maybe even add one of this gif things people seem to go crazy for. I’m 37; I know nothing of gifs.
  5. Email the friends who don’t do social media with your link; not everyone is on Twitter or facebook. They’ll thank you for it, and you get three extra entries for every single one your convert.

If you’re still confused about the Lucky Link thing, think about like this: one person clicks it and enters once, you get three entries in return. “But what if three people click it?” Well, they get three entries between them, but you get nine (three for each one). Now do you understand?

So far, one person has gained an extra 78 entries via clicks on their lucky link, increasing their current chances of winning from 1 in 1741 to an amazing 1 in 22. But only a very small minority of entrants have taken full advantage, meaning it’s not yet too late for you to take advantage of your Lucky Link too.

48hrs to go. Make them count.

Good luck!


P.S. Thanks again to Ori Jones, Spotlight, The Stage and TodayTix for donating such great prizes.

Jonathan Harden

Actor. VO. Director.

Former barman, waiter, cook, labourer, ‘tugger’, security guard, dish washer, removals man, bouncer, office manager, Wendy’s ‘Crew Member’, Costa ‘barista’, snooker table maintenance guy, shop assistant, usher, boom op, golf buggy driver, and one-time pretend bank robber.

Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.