After almost 10,000 downloads of the original edit of my interview with Denise Gough, I released the first part of this extended version  to coincide with People, Places & Things opening on the West End a week and a half ago. Now, just in time for the Olivier Awards, here’s part two…

When it was recorded, Denise had just come through a more-recently much-publicised difficult spell in what she refers to as ‘Siberia’ – a period without acting work where she was surviving on aid packages taken from her sister’s fridge – and was weeks away from starting rehearsals for a play that nobody had heard of: Duncan MacMillan’s now celebrated People, Places and Things. This interview therefore pre-dates all those that followed the production’s success and the outstanding five-star reviews of its recent West End transfer.

Denise is now well and truly in from the cold, and using her newfound profile to help the disempowered within our industry. That will come as no surprise to the legion of actors who began to take Denise to their hearts when they first heard her interviewed. Indeed, quite a few have since admitted to feeling vicariously proud of her achievements, as if she had become a friend. I know that many hundreds, if not thousands of listeners will be hoping she wins an Olivier tonight, and who will be unreservedly delighted for her if she does.

This interview, from the edges of Siberia, is an aid package to those still enduring its hardship. You will survive. You will get out. You will be better for the experience.

“Stay on the bike and enjoy the fucking ride, man”.

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