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  • Give Us A No

Why I want to know if I didn’t get the job

Jonathan’s argument is eloquently put, and most importantly, he knows what works for him.  Everyone has different systems for coping with rejection, and sometimes having a job gradually dissolve from your consciousness is relatively painless.  But by the results of the poll, it would seem he may be in the minority.

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  • @giveusano

If casting directors sent automatic updates…

You may have already seen Stephen Fletcher’s open email to Equity and Spotlight (his #letusknow campaign or the longer-standing @giveusano Twitter account), read the recent ‘Soapbox’ article in The Stage, or remember Trevor Cooper’s article on the subject for the Honest Actors’ Blog. In any case, it’s impossible to deny that there is a growing chorus of voices speaking out about the radio silence that often follows auditions.

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  • Katie Redford

The Actor’s Guide To Surviving the Really F*cking Quiet Bit

Oh! Hello horrifically, deadly silent acting patch! What are you doing back here so soon? Honestly, there was absolutely no rush. I was doing fine. But, well, here you are…all quiet, unwelcome and absolutely pissing USELESS. There’s only so much sitting in coffee shops, hiding behind a laptop and drinking coffee’s that I can’t afford, an out of work Actress like myself, can do. And in all honesty, between me and you, it’s driving me absolutely insane.

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  • Katie Elin-Salt

A friendly guide to auditions

Here is a brief list of important things I have learnt about auditioning. I should point out to avoid wasting all of your time that absolutely none of these tips involve help in actually getting the job once you’re in the room. Still trying to figure that one out for myself. I’ll let you know. 

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  • Honest Actors New Series

Honest Actors’ Podcast saved for second series!


It’s official! The Honest Actors’ Podcast will be returning for a second series, thanks to our sponsor, TodayTix – a cracking new app for buying this week’s theatre tickets at discounted prices. Series 2 has been under wraps for months, so I’m delighted to at last be able to share the good news and publicly thank the guys at TodayTix for stepping in to save the day.

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