With almost 10,000 downloads of the initial edited version of the interview, and as People, Places & Things (#PeoplePlacesThings) opens on the West End, it feels like the time is right to release the full, unedited version of my interview with Denise Gough.

Recorded just weeks before she went into rehearsal for the initial run at the National Theatre, this interview therefore pre-dates all those that followed the production’s success and which you will no doubt have seen in every publication from The Sunday Times to The Stage, and most recently, on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.

Part two will follow on Sunday April 3rd.

Thanks to Denise for her honesty, and to Equity for the use of their space at Guild House.

Enjoy. Oh, and if you happen to be on stage tonight at the Wyndham’s, break every leg in the house.

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Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.