With two weeks to go before Angels in America opens at the NT, I have a brand new Denise Gough interview ready to release into the world. I know you want it…

But there are less than four weeks to go until I run the London Marathon for the Actors’ Children’s Trust and I have so far raised only 27% of my £1500 target.

So, I’m holding the new episode hostage.

Help me get to 100%, and I’ll release Denise. A kind of a trade. Let’s call it a special thank you.

And to help us get there together, all profits from the sale of the Honest Actors’ opening night cards between now and the end of April will be added to the total. That’s a minimum of £1 for every single card sold.

So, get your opening night cards, give to the Actors’ Children’s Trust, and help resolve our hostage situation, all at the same time – here.

Or if you’d like to boost the ransom via JustGiving, you can do that here.

Thanks to everyone who has pitched in so far! You’re keeping me going in what has been a difficult few weeks of training. I fell off the wagon for a bit and didn’t run at all for about three weeks, but am getting back into it now, and all being well should be able to cross the line in under four hours. There’s just another 150 miles to run before I can begin the process of recovery and relax in the knowledge that I will never, ever put myself through this again.

For now though, we all need to stay focussed on one thing: #ReleaseDenise

J x

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