Resources: #HonestRecommends

Come here for reviewed and approved resources and recommendations: helpful websites, leading service providers and special offers. And if you take my advice, don’t forget to tell them who sent you; it won’t do you any harm… promise.

Lines 2 Memory Line learning AppLines 2 Memory (App)

Lines2Memory from The Stage is the line-learning app  we’ve all been waiting for and that I wish I’d thought to develop, because it’s going to be huge. You record a scene and can play back just the other characters’ lines, or have yours played too. It’s packed with more features than I was able to even experiment with on first use, but they include leaving a gap for you to repeat your own lines, playing pre-determined sections, or looping either one scene or all those you have recorded from a single script. It really is that simple, and that clever. More details…

acting resources for actorsYou. Your Product. Your Service.

If you’re interested in offering a product, service or acting resource for private review and potential recommendation, please get in touch. I will not promote services I don’t believe in. I don’t even want to keep the product. And I won’t publish a review. So if I don’t like what you offer, nobody need ever know.

Positive vibes only…


Created by enterprising actor, Philip Duguid-McQuillan, HeadshotHunter is the best place to find headshots in your local area and price range. The site’s just had a major update too, adding loads of new features to what was already a really solid service. Best of all, it’s 100% free to use.

Need headshots? Check before you book anything. Trust me.

Deci Gallen

Screenwriter and Composer of Indie/alternative music for TV and Film, Deci is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland but is a regular visitor to London and often works remotely on projects all over the place. The man behind the theme music.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 21.18.39Ori Jones Photography

Greenwich-based photographer specialising in portraits and actor’s headshots, always working outdoor with natural light. Ori also took the promo stills for the Honest Actors’ site, two years in a row. She’s a legend like that.

To see Ori’s latest work please visit her Facebook page. 

The bad news? She is usually fully booked for up to 2 months in advance. To check availability, email her on Any last minute cancellations will be posted on her Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 21.14.24Waiting for the Call – the Actors Business Blog

Curated by Jason Broderick, the guy who designed this very site, WFTC is the place to find advice on everything from finance to keeping track of audition material, choosing a headshot photographer to networking.

He was smart enough to be telling his readers/subscribers about the podcast very early in the game, so kudos for that. To find out what else you’ve been missing out on, visit the site at