Episode 10 is a cracker. There. I said it. And that’s why it’s the longest episode so far…

This is undoubtedly one of my favourites. I enjoyed listening back in the edit, and I could have happily left in another ten minutes. This is no doubt at least partially down to the fact that this is the only interview for which there has been any sort of rehearsal. I first recorded an interview with Alicia over a year ago, but a few months ago, when I went to find the files to start putting an episode together, they were nowhere to be found. And while letting Alicia know that I had effectively lost her interview was unbelievably awkward, I am extremely glad I asked if she’d be willing to do it all again (and delighted that she was good enough to agree).

A couple of things combine, I think, to make this such a good ep. Long enough had passed between the first and second attempts, that I had forgotten almost all of what Alicia had said. Alicia, on the other hand, had a better sense of what to expect than any previous interviewee, having been through it all before. Consequently, I think she was totally relaxed from the off, saving me at least ten minutes where I normally have to work hard to achieve this. The other main contributing factor is that I am really starting to feel at ease and in control of the interview process. My notes are no longer a necessity and I’m happy to just chat. I know that this makes the most recently recorded interviews feel very different when compared to the earlier ones, particularly much of series 1, but I am very much enjoying the evolution. The gentler, more conversational tone will be future of the podcast I feel, and as a result, so will the increased average episode length.

One final note on differences and developments: I tried something new with the intro this time, pushing the portable recording equipment to its limits, strapping it to my body as I went on a run. Why? Well, have a listen. Then, if you feel like it and are able, you can donate here.

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And if you want to send some audio promoting your own marathon fundraising (please don’t record it when you’re running!), send a file – less than 30 seconds in length – to honestactors@gmail.com

Hopefully I’ll hear from some of you soon!

J. x

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Alicia Davies

Recorded at Spotlight on 19th December 2016. Running Time – 1:01:01.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2015-2018. Music by Deci Gallen.

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