‘My Other Job’ started going out weekly via the The Stage on Wednesday 3rd February 2016. And it will continue to be a weekly feature on the site for as long as I can find actors who ware willing to be interviewed about their interesting ‘other’ jobs. Here’s the first one (and the second). Before the idea for it had even formed, I had been receiving and publishing some cracking articles in which actors shared the not so fantastic things they did when they weren’t acting. The ‘My Other Job’ interviews are my attempt to get actors out of low-paid, inflexible, soul-destroying jobs…

‘My Other Job’ is about sharing information. I’m talking to actors who have sideline gigs that not only enable them to keep their landlords at bay, but which also allow them to use, practice or develop their existing skill set, or which offer them industry-relevant opportunities. Because we’ll all been there, tearing tickets, singing ‘Let it Go’ to a room full of snotty toddlers, or serving ‘babycinos’ to nannies who want to be there less than you do. Or even just thinking about giving up and becoming a Psychologist.

Or maybe that’s just these guys…


Tearing Tickets: Hiding in Plain Sighttearing tickets by Chris Tester

“Am I as much as being seen?” Play, Samuel Beckett

They probably cover it at some institutions already, but one thing my three years at drama school didn’t teach me was the importance of a good resting job.  Some might argue that such an idea is counter-intuitive – obviously you’re going to have a career that doesn’t necessitate anything but acting work.  Or you’re going to quit within the first six months.  But for 99.7% of those graduates that make a go of it, that isn’t the case.*


Waitress/ Party Princess/ Actressactress party singer by Katie Redford

What you were doing at 12.30pm on Saturday 25th July? En route to a matinee you’d rather not have been doing? Taking a brunch order from a table you’d rather not have been serving? Or, were you – like me – squatting behind a bush trying not to be seen by a group of children playing nearby?

Wait, I can explain…


Dad, Actor, Barista: The ‘Security’ Of Fatherhoodactor father parenthood by Nicholas Waters

I remember the moment my wife told me she was pregnant. A strange creeping joy. That giddiness you feel when queuing for a truly terrifying rollercoaster. That. We were trying so it was not a complete surprise, just a life changing one. Then the fears start to creep in. There are the generic ones that we all feel I suppose. The fear of a miscarriage or complication and how that would affect you and your relationship. The fear of an ever widening, achy wife with a million needs. And obviously the fear of the actual event.

But for me, there were some other fears too…


Leaving Acting Giving Up

On Leaving Acting… From The Other Side by Anthony English

To the actors who read this, I implore you to adhere to the philosophy of this fine website and have a moment of honesty. How many times have you considered doing ‘that’ in your career? Yes, you know what I’m getting at – THAT! When was the last time you considered, and whisper it if you must, quitting acting? Perhaps you declared your intentions in a moment of frustration after that tampon commercial never materialised. Or maybe it was a slow burn – that niggling feeling that there must be more to life than trawling through The Stage once a week and screaming at your agent. You just know there has been some terrible mix-up at the ‘life factory’ and that you’ve been dealt a lousy hand unbecoming of your talent.


And finally, here’s the original article where I explain where the idea for ‘My Other Job’ came from tell you what I do when I’m not acting (besides this blog and the podcast).

So, if you have such an ‘other’ job and wouldn’t mind sharing its existence (and how you got into it etc) with the wider acting community, please get in touch by emailing direct to honestactors@gmail.com, tweeting with the hashtag #myotherjob and tagging @honestactors, or commenting below. I’ll send the questions and we can take it from there.

Series 3 of the podcast is coming soon, including interviews with Adrian Lester, Joanna Scanlan, Tom Riley, Kate Fleetwood and Jonjo O’Neill. Series 1 & 2 are available free on iTunes, along with a special live episode for Equity recorded in November 2018, and follow-up interviews with all seven of the emerging actors, conducted in October. Go have a listen

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