On 29th February, I announced that production of the Honest Actors’ Podcast would be ending with immediate effect, so launching the #savehonestactors campaign. Within an hour, on the same day as the Oscar winners and Olivier nominations were announced, it was trending on Twitter. Soon after, the story was picked up by The Stage – the leading industry publication – both online and in print.

Twelve hours after the announcement, the #savehonestactors hashtag was still trending and had gained over 3 million impressions. Over on iTunes, the show peaked at number 6 in ‘Performing Arts’, and reached number 98 in all categories, outranking The Ricky Gervais Podcast and Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the Thing’. The podcast’s supporters had spoken. The Honest Actors’ Podcast is worth saving. They want more.

Aside from former interviewees and high-profile TV, film, West End and Broadway actors, the campaign’s online advocates included critics Mark Shenton and Fiona Mountford, casting directors Daniel Edwards and Jane Anderson, and author Lemn Sissay MBE.

With the listeners in mind, I would love to take it to the next level. I’d love to start releasing new episodes weekly. I’d love to open the project out and start interviewing not just actors, but directors, producers and casting directors. I’d love to find a way to give voice to younger and less experienced actors. And I’d love to start having occasional round-table discussions and maybe even live events.

The Honest Actors’ Podcast & Blog needs a sponsor willing to support a project that supports actors. Thousands of us. The stage is set…

Enter Hero.

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Jonathan Harden

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Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.