Want to get fit and raise money for charity?

It’s that time of year again and we at Honest Actors – i.e. the two of us that live in the flat where I occasionally stand in the cellar to record an intro for the podcast – are back in training for The Spotlight Challenge. And this year, Bronagh and I would love you to Join us on Team Honest Actors
The whole thing is happening on Sunday 11th September at 10am in Regent’s Park and this year there is a 5km race as well as the 10km race, so there’s an option for everyone to get involved.

All proceeds go to Acting for Others, who provide support for people of all ages who have worked in the entertainment industry.

Sign up today and help Spotlight raise money for the fantastic Acting for Others.

Whether you’re running 5k or 10k, whatever your time might be, we’d love to have you in our gang. You can join simply by selecting ‘@HonestActors’ from the existing teams list on the registration page.

Already registered? Log in, click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘@HonestActors’ from the existing teams list in the ‘Account Information’ section. 

And, we’ll have free Honest Actors’ t-shirts for the first to sign up.* And I promise they’ll look better than last years…

Get involved and join the team! I’ll add names to the list below as our numbers grow…


The Team

Jonathan Harden; Bronagh TaggartEmma MantonEmily Tucker; Paul Boichat; Caolan Byrne; Graeme Dalling; Samantha Loxley; Cassandra Lyons; Jonathan MichaelsAntonia Bourdillon; Patrick Holt; and Chris Robinson.

*Limited numbers available.


UPDATE: Join up by midnight on Thursday August 25th to get one of 20 limited edition Honest Actors’ running vests.

Jonathan Harden

Actor. VO. Director.

Former barman, waiter, cook, labourer, ‘tugger’, security guard, dish washer, removals man, bouncer, office manager, Wendy’s ‘Crew Member’, Costa ‘barista’, snooker table maintenance guy, shop assistant, usher, boom op, golf buggy driver, and one-time pretend bank robber.

Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.