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I was five. My parents were entertaining friends and I had gone to bed hours before. Unable to sleep, I crept out of my bed and into the living room, where my audience were enjoying themselves over glasses of wine and After Eights. Without a word, I reached for the best song in my repertoire, popped it in the CD player, made my way to the stage (the rug in front of the fireplace) and gave the people what they wanted…. A heartfelt rendition of Whitney’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, sung into the audio remote control with eyes closed for extra emphasis. I think that was probably the moment my parents and I knew I was going to become an actor…

Amy Blair
Northern Irish born and bred. Drama Teacher, FOH Usher and Actor*. *Sometimes.
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The Naked Truth: industry failings on nudity laid bare

Every actress I know has had a nudity nightmare. Whether it be a conversation with a director or filming the scene itself. And for the purpose of this particular blog, I’m referring to women being asked to be nude. However, I am sure this is a universal issue.

Amy Morgan
Optimistic actor from South Wales who can always find you a bar open after 1am but who cannot ride a bike (Long story). Also a dab hand in serving overpriced cocktails, flyering for comedy clubs and working in niche museums.
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To rehearse, or not to rehearse? TV, Film and Process

I have been acting in theatre and television and film for the past 45 years, and I enjoy the different demands of those media. My question is, does it have to be, or should it be as different? In film and tv the preparation is supreme. The rigorous detail and time given to script development, setting, location, storyboarding, props, continuity, costume, editing, lighting – production values in general – is exemplary. Of course every one of those departments would say it is never enough, but in comparison to the preparation for performance, for what is actually taking place on screen, in front of millions, possibly for eternity, it is a luxury.

Stephen Boxer
Been around a while. Bewildered father and five-a-side player ignoring sell-by-date. Goodies, Baddies et al.
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