‘My Other Job’ started going out weekly via the The Stage on Wednesday 3rd February 2016. Twelve weeks on, it’s time to look back and see what we’ve learned, and ask you if there’s anything we’ve missed?

The whole point of the feature is sharing information. I’m talking to actors who have sideline gigs that not only enable them to keep their landlords at bay, but which also allow them to use, practice or develop their existing skill set, or which offer them industry-relevant opportunities. Because we’ll all been there, tearing tickets, singing ‘Let it Go’ to a room full of snotty toddlers, or serving ‘babycinos’ to nannies who want to be there less than you do. Well, here are some alternatives. Click on the links to read more about each, including how it fits with the life of an actor and, most importantly, how the actor in question got into it in the first place.

And if you’d like to be next on the list, get in touch – I’d love to hear from you…

Reader for a stroke support charity

“I’m a reader and admin leader for InterAct Stroke Support – the only UK charity dedicated to supporting stroke recovery by using professional actors to deliver a live and interactive reading service to people who have had a stroke, in hospitals and at stroke clubs. We read twice a week for two-hour sessions…” [read more]

Costumed interpreter

“I work as a costumed interpreter at a number of heritage sites around the UK, particularly Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London…” [read more]

Showreel editor

” I’ve done events, promo, extra, usher, runner – I once had a job at one of those big shopping centres where I had to persuade people to have their photo taken, sticking their head through a cut-out hole in a picture of a lingerie model. Now I edit showreels…” [read more]

Freelance writer

“”I have worked as a photographic assistant, a festival merchandise seller and a ‘brand representative’ for Abercrombie & Fitch (I got put in a dark room at the back of the shop). Now I’m a freelance writer which means I get to organise my own schedule…” [read more]

Corporate role-play

“I do role play work for a company that helps to train people wanting to become social workers. The company gives me a case study of someone that a social worker may come across, a script and some additional information about what state I need to be in throughout the ‘scene’. I also have to divulge specific pieces of information at certain points to see how the candidates react…” [read more]

TV journalist

“I’m a part-time news reporter and presenter, which means I do everything from writing and reading the news to researching, filming and editing news features…” [read more]


“When I came out of drama school I worked in a pub and did some temp work in Charing Cross Hospital. Now I’m a pub quiz host… ” [read more]

Corporate role-play

“I work an actor, facilitator and coach, in training, development, recruitment and examinations across a wide range of businesses and organisations….” [read more]

Life drawing model

“I’ve had my fair share of the other stuff: restaurant hostess, cloakroom attendant, theatre usher, temping, telesales (where I got told off for talking to pensioners for too long) and call centre supervisor (where I made lots of money but lost my soul along the way). Now I work as a portrait and life drawing model at various art schools, as well as for the Royal Academy and National Portrait Gallery…” [read more]

Teaching Assistant

“For the past four years, I’ve been an agency teaching assistant. I mainly work in special needs schools, but have also covered mainstream primary and secondary schools. At certain times of year I get exam invigilation thrown my way as well, which (although a bit dull) is the easiest gig in the world…” [read more]

Deputy superintendant registrar

“I’m a deputy superintendent of births, deaths and marriages. What that means is I conduct non-religious weddings, and I’m also qualified to register deaths, births, and conduct citizenship ceremonies…” [read more]

West End box office sales

“I worked in the bookshop at the National on and off for seven years. I’ve also been a dresser, which I’m not sure I could do again. It almost broke my heart using a stage door and a green room, but not as a member of the cast. Now I’m a casual sales advisor for TKTS, the discount booth for Society of London Theatre tickets in Leicester Square…” [read more]

A big thanks to all twelve actors who’ve contributed so far. And remember, I’m always looking for more…

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