We did it!

Within a year of launching, The Honest Actors’ Blog has been named as a Finalist in two categories of the UK Blog Awards 2016! We’re competing in both the ‘Arts and Culture’ and ‘Vlogger and Podcast’ categories, but won’t find out if we’ve won until the award ceremony in April. Over the next month, the specially selected expert judging panel will be assessing all things Honest Actors…As you know, this is largely a one man band in terms of everything technical behind the scenes, so it would be hugely helpful if you could all take a look at the blog and point out any errors, or make suggestions for improvements via Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, in many cases on multiples occasions, via the UK Blog Awards site. It was a public vote, so we genuinely couldn’t have done it without your help. And thanks to all those who have submitted articles over the past nine months. Believe it or not, the number of guest contributors now stands at well over thirty and I receive new submissions nearly every day. Thanks to all of you. We’re on this journey together.

To everyone else, February is the month to get behind the blog by reading and sharing content and by telling your followers on social media how much you love the site.

The UK Blog Awards judges are watching, so using the #UKBA16 hashtag wouldn’t hurt either! And if you have any media contacts that you think might be interested is covering the story, the press release can be downloaded via the link below.

One of the things I’d love to see is more comments on the guest articles. When I started opening the blog up to contributions from others, I hoped that it would become a place to start discussions about important issues like bullying, industry failures around nudity, establishing a meaningful mentoring schemeacting with dyslexia and reducing the stigma around depression. Even though some of the articles have been shared hundreds of times, none have any more than a handful of comments. For those actors who have courageously offered their opinions and shared their experiences, it could begin to feel like they’re talking to themselves. Tell them what you think, or at least tell them that you’ve heard what they have to say. That’s the most important bit.

It’s amazing that we’ve gotten this far. With your continued support, we might even be able to go all the way.

Until April, fingers crossed, and thanks again,

J x

P.S. If you’d like to be part of the team, and fancy writing something for the blog, find out more here.

Click for UK Blog Awards Press Release
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